What does my Fleet Health mean?

The REALConnect Platform provides daily remote monitoring of AED readiness, and its real-time notifications offer unparalleled insight into your program’s health status.

Below is a breakdown of all of the Health Statuses on the REALConnect Platform and what they mean for your AED.

Overall Health

Healthy AEDs: Healthy AEDs are displayed in Green and have no issues. They are ready to be used in an emergency.

Unhealthy AEDs: Unhealthy AEDs are shown in Red, require attention, and could have the following issues associated with them: 

  • Low battery 
  • No installed Pad Cartridge 
  • A Pad Cartridge is installed but requires replacement 
  • A Self-Test failure has occurred

At Risk AEDs: At Risk AEDs are shown in Yellow, and they could have the following issues associated with them: 

  • Upcoming Pad Cartridge expiration
  • A Training Cartridge is installed (instead of the lifesaving Pad Cartridge)
  • Screen & Connectivity Module Low on Battery 
  • Temperature Warning
  • Software Update is Available

Unknown: Unknown AEDs are shown in Gray. These are AEDs that have not synced with the REALConnect Platform, so their health status is not available. A device may not have synced to the REALConnect Platform because: 

  • It has no WiFi connection or is out of Cellular range 
  • The device’s Screen & Connectivity module ran out of battery  


Good: the device is charged.

At Risk: screen and connectivity module low on battery, device needs to be charged. 

Low: the device needs to be charged.

Pad Cartridge

Good (Green): Pad Cartridge is not expired and is inserted into the AED properly. Devices with Good Pad Cartridges are ready to be used in an emergency.

Replace (Red): Pad Cartridge needs to be replaced because it is expired or has been previously used. 

Install (Red): Device does not have a Pad Cartridge in it and needs one installed. Devices with no Pad Cartridges will not be able to be used in an emergency.

Training (Yellow): A training cartridge is inserted in the AED. Training cartridges are intended for interactive training sessions. It is important to note that training cartridges cannot be used in an emergency. 

Upcoming (Yellow): Pad Cartridge will expire in the next 60 days.

Unknown (Gray): The Pad Cartridge status is unknown because the device is not synced with REALConnect. 

Sync Status

Synced (Green): Device is connected to REALConnect. 

Unsynced (Gray): Device has not recently checked in to REALConnect. 

Other Issues

AED Self-Test (Red):  A critical self test failed and the device needs attention. If you need to speak to a customer service representative from Avive, please email support@avive.life, call (800) 489- 4428, or use the chat box in the bottom right corner of our website.

Connectivity At Risk (Yellow):  A self-test affecting the device’s non-critical functionalities has failed and the device needs attention.

Software (Yellow): The device has a software update available.

Temperature (Yellow): The device is too hot or too cold. Move the device to a location that is within its normal operating range.  


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