Where is my AED?

Daily, during the Avive Connect AED's automatic self-tests, it sends its location to the REALConnect™ Platform. It also performs a self-test every time it's powered on, and sends its location to the REALConnect™ Platform.

Anyone responsible for an AED on the backend REALConnect™ Platform (i.e. an Administrator or Manager), can view the device location on their dashboard page and the AED page. If you cannot see the location of your AED, make sure you have the correct permissions enabled and that you're assigned the proper device. If you're still unable to view the device, it may mean that your device hasn't checked in.

If your device appears on your REALConnect dashboard, but the color of the icon is "gray," it means that a self-test hasn't been received in over 50 hours. Log into your REALConnect Platform to view this information on your dashboard. 

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