How do I setup my Avive AED Charge Stand?

To install the Avive Charge Stand, you can use: 

  • a tape measure
  • a level
  • a drill
  • all the materials included in the box with your Charge Stand (i.e. 2 wall anchors, 2 screws, USB Power Adaptor)

Installation is quick and easy!

Step 1: Identify where you want to install the Charge Stand (in some cases, you may want to use a measuring tape to ensure the AED is installed according to regulations). 

Step 2: Mark on the wall where you want to drill the holes (TIP: use a pencil for this)

Step 3: Drill two holes into the wall

Step 4: Install anchors on the wall

Step 5: Adjust charging cable to the desired length, and screw the charge stand into place. 

Step 6: Once secure, plug in the Avive Connect AED. 

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