What are Nearby Emergency SMS Alerts?

Nearby Emergency SMS Alerts is a feature you can enable in your REALConnect Platform if you belong to a Response Ready organization as a part of a 4 Minute City or PAD+ Program. Navigate to your Profile page to update your Nearby Emergency SMS Alerts preferences. 

Enabling Device Alerts allows you to receive text messages for Nearby Emergency Alerts that are sent to your Avive Connect AED in an attempt to provide multiple means of alerting you of and dispatching you to nearby cardiac arrest emergencies. To enable text message notifications for nearby cardiac arrests, click the box next to Device Alerts and then click Save in the top right corner of the page. 

If you opt into Custom Alert Zones, you can choose to set up to 5 locations where you would also like to receive SMS text messages for nearby cardiac arrest emergencies, regardless of your proximity to the zones. Anytime a Nearby Emergency Alert is sent within a one mile radius of any of your Custom Alert Zones, you will receive a text message notification of the emergency. 

The SMS text messages will be sent to the phone number associated with your REALConnect account, so be sure to use a mobile phone number. To change your account’s phone number, navigate to your Profile in the REALConnect Platform and update it there at any time.

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