What happens when my REALConnect Services or LIFESaver subscriptions expire?

All subscriptions to the REALConnect Platform will auto-renew on its anniversary (ship) date. When an Avive Connect AED is purchased outright, it includes one year complimentary access to the REALConnect Platform. After the first year, you have an option to renew your subscription. 

When the Avive Connect AED is purchased with our LIFESaver Plan, uninterrupted access to REALConnect services is available  during the entire term of the membership. A minimum of five years is required in our LIFESaver Plan

To make it convenient, and to ensure continuous protection, we will send email reminders 60 days prior to your renewal date, and again 30 days before renewal. A charge will apply to the original payment method used. 

If any changes to your subscription are needed, please contact us. We offer convenient ways to reach us. 

Email  support@avive.life
Call 1 (800) 489 - 4428

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