What does each button on the device mean?

Get to know your Avive Connect AED™

The Avive Connect AED is designed to be very easy to use. Nevertheless, it's always a good idea to get acquainted with all of its features and functions. Take a look below to learn more about your Avive Connect AED. 

A. Red Tab

Pull the Red Tab to access the packaged pads in the Pad Cartridge and activate the Avive Connect AED for use.

IMPORTANT: Only pull the Red Tab in an emergency. If the packaged pads have been opened the Pad Cartridge will need to be replaced.

B. Power Button

Press the Power Button to turn on or turn off the Avive Connect AED.

C. Child Button

The Avive Connect AED defaults to Adult Mode. When treating children under 8 years old or under 55 lbs, it is important to press the Child Button to switch the device into Child Mode. Press the Child Button again to switch the device back to Adult Mode.

D. Español Button

By default, the Avive Connect AED provides audio instructions in English. Press the Español Button to switch the device to Spanish Mode, which will provide audio instructions in Spanish. Press the Español Button again to switch back to English Mode.

E. Status Light 

If this light is blinking green, your device is ready to use! If it’s blinking red, then the Avive Connect AED needs attention.

F. Pad Cartridge

Self-adhesive pads used for treatment are stored in a sealed package within the Pad Cartridge. The pads are accessed by pulling the Red Tab out from the Pad Cartridge and peeling open the package.

IMPORTANT: The Pad Cartridge is single-use, disposable and must be replaced after the expiration date is reached or the Pad Cartridge has been used.

G. Stand Back Light

When this light is flashing – stand back, and do not touch the patient. The Stand Back Light flashes when the device is analyzing the patient’s heart rhythm or delivering therapy. It is important that no one touches the patient during this time.

H. Speaker

The Avive Connect AED provides audio instructions and notifications during use through this speaker.

I. USB Charging Port 

The Avive Connect AED has a rechargeable battery. Use the USB Charging Port to connect the device to a charger in order to charge the AED.

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