How do I set up my Avive AED Wall Cabinet?

Before you choose a spot for your Avive AED™ Wall Cabinet, make sure to quickly take a look at our pre-installation instructions. All of these instructions are included on a pamphlet in the box when you purchase your Avive AED Wall Cabinet. 

Pre-Installation Instructions: 

  • Review local ordinances regarding fire code and safety.
  • Review ADA guidelines on positioning and choosing cabinet location.
  • Ensure no installation items will penetrate electrical equipment or duct work inside the wall. 
  • Ensure the proper reinforcement steps are taken for fire-related and load bearing walls.

Installation Instructions: 

Drywall with Wood Studs: Align 2 vertical holes of cabinet with stud. Pre-drill holes, (3/32nd recommended drill bit) and use provided screws. Do not utilize the white plastic drywall anchors when screwing directly into wood. For the other 2 holes not going into a stud, utilize included plastic drywall anchors and screws, pre-drilling anchor holes, utilizing 1/8" recommended drill bit. 

Drywall with Metal Studs: Although securing to metal studs is possible, we recommend avoiding metal studs and mounting directly onto drywall. Utilize drywall anchors and screws for all 4 holes. Pre-drill for the anchors, with 1/8" drill bit recommended. 

Concrete, Block and Brick: Pre-drill and utilize concrete anchors (not included) for all 4 holes. Recommended: 3/16" x 1 3/4" concrete anchors. 

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