How do I login to my REALConnect account and make sure my AED is synced?

Your AED should sync with your REALConnect account during its initialization process. Once your Avive Connect AED is fully initialized and connected through Wi-Fi or Cellular, it should be associated with your REALConnect online account.

To login to your account, first make sure your account is activated. Once your order ships out, you should receive an account activation email from our support team, from the sender

(If you can’t find the email with the activation link, search for an email from sender If you still can’t find it, email and we’ll resend it to you.) 

Then, login to your RealConnect account at

When you login for the first time, you should see any AEDs assigned and activated to your account with a green status icon and location. AEDs that haven’t yet been activated may appear as a gray icon until they’re initialized and synced. 

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