What is the difference between Responders, Managers, and Administrators?

The main difference between Responders, Managers, and Administrators is the level of permission each receives on the REALConnect™ Platform.

Administrators have the most comprehensive permissions, and Responders have the most restricted access.

Administrators have the ability to manage, create, and edit AEDs, Locations, Users, and Labels in the REALConnect™ Platform. Administrators can also delete a User from an Organization and edit Details related to the Organization. With the most comprehensive permissions, Administrators can view all AEDs, all Locations, and can assign Managers specific AEDs and Locations. 

Managers have access to view and edit AED Details for the AEDs assigned to the Location(s) that the User is associated with. They can edit and view the Location details and also have the ability to assign existing Labels to AEDs and Locations. Managers have the ability to edit AED and Location details although they cannot add / manage users, delete users from the Organization, create or edit existing Labels. 

 Responders will not have insight into data on the REALConnect™ Platform.  

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